Frédéric Bélot publishes an article on Yukos case in Moscow review of International Commercial Arbitration

May 7, 2021

Frédéric Bélot has recently published an article entitled :

Setting Aside an Arbitral Award by a Competent Foreign Court Does Not Prevent Its Recognition and Enforcement in France: An Analysis of the Issue with the Example of the Yukos Case

in the review of International Commercial Arbitration 2-1 2019-2020 issued by MGIMO University (Вестник Международного Коммерческого Арбитража, выпущенный при поддержке МГИМО).

In this publication, Me Belot draws the attention of his reader to the fact that, according to the French conception of international arbitration and constant French case Law, the arbitration award of the Court of Appeal of The Hague, which recently declared the annulment of the decision of The Hague District Court, will not affect the legal rights of the three companies of former Yukos shareholders and will not have any legal consequences related to the adoption of enforcement measures. Thus, setting aside an arbitral award in the territory of the state of the seat of arbitration has no legal consequences for its recognition and enforcement in France.

The Yukos Case- ICA-Review-Moscow-N2-2019-2020